Radio Story

Anchor: Ken-gee Yo-shin-oh speaks to Elon students about covering individuality, and how important it is to stop. Yoshino, a gay, Japanese-American law professor, says he used to cover his individuality, but then realized he shouldn’t hide it. Everyone covers parts of his or herself, not just gay people. Yoshino says,   

Yoshino: “Covering affects every person in this room. It’s not normal to be completely normal.”

Miano: Covering affects everyone, so it’s important to stop doing it and encouraging it, Yoshino says. The country and law have come far, because there is less discrimination now than there has been in the past, but there are still problems, he says. 

Yoshino: “There are so many identities that we hold precious in our day to day lives…the law is never going to be able to catch up to protect all of those categories”

Miano: Yoshino says people need to challenge their instinct to cover their unique qualities. He says, 

Yoshino: “If you are impacted negatively by a covering demand…I want to challenge you to ask whether or not that reason behind that demand is a legitimate one.”



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